Christmas is nearly here...

For you or the special golfer in your life, we are offering our Christmas specials at discounted rates. 

For information email Rick at or call or text 443-2861986

1 Session $130.00

3 Sessions $375.00

6 Sessions $720.00

9-Hole Playing Lesson with Rick $250.00

Every golfer no matter what their age, no matter how long they have been playing for can always do with improving. Even if it is a minimal tweak to their swing - these packages could make the difference to making 2019 their best golf yet.
Now doesn't that sound like an excellent gift?

Coaching packages and gift certificates are also available, to make sure you get to check your shopping list!

For more information email Rick at or call 443-286-1986.

We have you covered no matter what the weather

For the best golf coaches in Ellicott City, Maryland, look no further!   

Get a jump on your 2018-2019 golfing season!

Are you tired of playing poorly?
Assess your game!
Set your performance goals!
Have a plan for winter going into spring and beyond!
Monitor your progress!

All of these goals can be achieved through sessions in our simulator, with practice and coaching using ball flight and club analysis. You will have the opportunity to play your favorite golf courses while working on your course management skills.

30 Minutes $75.00

1 Hour $125.00 

Group of 3 $55.00 per person  

Simulator price includes use of the simulator/teaching and coaching. 

For more information contact Rick or call 443-286-1986.

All About Client Success

"I would not be where I am today without the help of Rick Krebs. He taught me that there was no perfect swing, and he tailored his teachings around what I did best, not around molding me into a set "classic swing". He stressed short game and the basic fundamentals as principles of success."  - Chris Wellde

"I found Rick to be very encouraging and surprisingly did not tell me I was a lost cause. From my first lesson I saw some improvement after practicing a few tips Rick had given me in our short time together. From that lesson I took a few more and continued to build on the areas he gave me to work on. From each lesson Rick emailed me a summary which I printed taped to the wall of my office. I would practice my grip, takeaway and all the fundamentals in my office at work. I decided in the subsequent years to play less and practice more. I saw the biggest improvement in my ball striking after a chipping lesson I received from Rick." - Aaron Thomas

"From the very first meeting with Rick I knew that I found the right person just by the way he connected with me and respected my desires. In the short number of meetings that we have had together Rick has helped me develop a more effective and consistent swing. I have seen my game go from scores of 114 down to 94 in just 4 months and the distance on each club has increased my 10 to 15 yards on each club." - Bill Jackson

In the last three weeks, we’ve asked questions about what you most want out of your golf.
Some traditionalists worry about the golf ball and its performance. Is the distance your golf ball travels your biggest concern?
Which is your favorite format, and which would you rather not play?
On Tour there has been an improvement of between 15 and 20% in driver distance. Have you seen that improvement?