Technology is a critical aspect to developing the golf game these days. At Rick Krebs Golf, we rely on a variety of modern tools and software to help you develop your game. With video analysis and complete data from your swing, we are able to customize our teaching process and build a plan to help you succeed and have more fun on the course! Learn about some of our technology below:

FlightScope’s 3D Doppler Radar/Launch Monitor

identifies what the club is doing at impact and what the ball is doing in flight so the proper adjustments can be made to enhance performance. It provides instant feedback to both the instructor and the student so that they can improve faster. Students can see their ball flight in 3D and understand the club dynamics involved that created it. When it comes to practice, FlightScope makes it fun, informative and measurable with its skills app and will change the way you compete. With every shot, getting instant feedback on the results as well as club dynamics will enable the student to train smarter, not harder.

V1 Sports

V1 is the most powerful video analysis tool for golf teachers and includes live video capture, swing analysis, lesson creation and delivery. It allows us to communicate with you off the tee and send you video lessons on the go via email, text or the V1 app.

Blast Motion

Blast Motion is the industry’s most accurate motion-capture sensor available. Its ability to capture real-time putting stroke metrics enables the student to understand their tendencies and quickly make adjustments to improve their ability to start the ball on its intended line and pace your putt appropriately.

Mental Game Profile

This is the best technology for helping you improve the mental side of your game! This online questionnaire helps you determine your attitudes and behaviors, then helps you understand how to use and modify these behaviors to gain a mental advantage on the golf course. We will help you build a mental golf profile using these six key areas of the game:

  • Golf Temperament
  • Pre-round Preparation
  • Mental Tendencies When Playing Shots
  • Course Management Working With Your Instructors
  • Mental Tendencies Toward Golf Fitness

Shot by Shot provides Strokes Gained Analysis for each of the five major facets of the game as well as Scoring Analysis.

  • Driving
  • Approach Shots
  • Chip/Pitch Shots (within 50 yards of the hole)
  • Sand Shots (within 50 yards of the hole)
  • Putting